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Her Birth — and My Rebirth


June 21, 2012


Throughout my nine months of pregnancy, I anxiously counted down the days until my new daughter would enter the world. I praised God daily for the amazing blessing of having a child, and prayed intensely for my growing baby's health and safety. Each movement I felt was a reminder of God's grace.

For 40 weeks I welcomed each little kick with thanksgiving and joy, and tried my hardest to imagine my baby's little feet moving around inside my stomach. Then, within a few hours of intense labor, I was holding my beautiful daughter in my arms and looking in to her blue eyes. "Children are a gift from the Lord," was the verse from Psalm 127:3 that repeated in my head as I held this new life close to my heart. There were simply no better words I could have used to express my gratitude to Him for granting me the greatest blessing — a healthy child.

From the moment my daughter was born, the world suddenly looked more beautiful to me. As I stared intensely at my sleeping child, I put deep thought into every word I spoke and prayer I said.  "Blessed are You, O God, for giving us life, sustaining us and allowing us to reach this joyous time," I called out from my hospital bed, a prayer of thanksgiving that Jews have been reciting at milestone events for years.

When my baby entered this world, it was truly a rebirth for me as well. I cherished the opportunity to start anew and experience the world through new eyes. Holding my baby and feeling her breathing, the truth was suddenly revealed to me and I felt it in my bones: just as my baby relies on me for life and nourishment, I too rely on God for life and nourishment every moment of every day. This realization led me to praise Him for every blessing my life, both big and small.  

As I took my daughter home from the hospital to meet her brother and sister, the house that I have lived in for years looked completely different, and my older children truly resembled angels. I was seeing the world through the pure eyes of my baby girl, with every experience being new and exciting.

Once I tapped in to the reality of my three-day-old baby, once-mundane aspects of life seemed holy. Each sound, feeling, taste, and sight was new for my precious child, a wonder from God that kept her in awe. I made a promise to forever learn from her purity, and praise God for the things in life that I too often take for granted the birds singing, the wind blowing, the sun shining, and my children playing.

The birth of my precious daughter has been an amazing experience, and I pray that the lessons I have learned from this special time will stay in my heart forever. I thank God for granting my family this sacred gift of a new baby, and will praise Him always for the abundant blessings that He has bestowed upon me.

Thank you, friends, for sharing in my family's joy, and for your thoughts and prayers during this beautiful time in our lives.

With blessings from the Holy Land,


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