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Operation Protective Edge

Following days of Hamas attacks against Israel, and after repeated rejections of offers to deescalate the situation, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) started Operation Protective Edge. A large IDF force entered the Gaza Strip to target Hamas’ terror tunnels that cross under the Israel-Gaza border and enable terrorists to infiltrate Israel and carry out attacks. Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, more than 3,500 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel. During this time The Fellowship has been on the ground, wherever needed, supporting the people of Israel.

How The Fellowship Helps

Protection and Provision

When war broke out in Israel, The Fellowship acted quickly to meet the needs of Israelis in the line of fire. We provided emergency equipment for first responders, installed mobile bomb shelters in under-protected areas, established a hotline for homebound elderly in need, offered free counseling to victims of trauma, and much more.

Projects Include:

Providing for the medical needs of first responders, hospitals, and those traumatized

Supplying food and assistance for frightened homebound elderly

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Support for Israel's Soldiers

While IDF soldiers were bravely defending the Holy Land, The Fellowship was happy to respond to military commanders’ requests that we provide the soldiers with care packages and other reminders that people around the world are grateful for their service and have been offering prayers and support for their well-being.

Projects Include:

Giving care in the form of food and personal hygiene supplies for soldiers in the IDF

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Respite from Rockets

Constant code red sirens have taken their toll on all southern Israelis, especially the elderly, who are often too feeble to reach shelter in time, and children, who were forced to spend much of their summer indoors. The Fellowship planned special day trips for these groups, offering a much-needed break from the stress and fear of war.

Projects Include:

Establishing a Fellowship Village summer camp for children living in southern Israel

Taking vulnerable elderly on a day trip away from the range of rockets

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Meet the People Helped During Operation Protective Edge

Assisting Israelis in War Torn Areas

With our interactive map, see the impact The Fellowship has made on Israel's people during Operation Protective Edge. Learn more

We Need YOU so We Can Help Them

When you give to The Fellowship, you are providing desperately needed security to Israel, a country that is surrounded by enemies. Your gift also provides necessities such as food, shelter, and medical assistance to needy Jewish people throughout the Holy Land.