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Hundreds of thousands of elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union struggle just to survive. Imagine you are old and infirm, living on a meager pension of less than $100 per month. You need medicine to survive, but you cannot afford it because what little money you have goes toward food. A harsh winter is approaching, but you have no money to purchase heating fuel for your stove, the sole source of warmth in your tiny apartment. If you could only afford one of these — food, medicine, or heat — which would you choose? Fortunately, thanks to generous IFCJ donors who are providing basic necessities by supporting our Isaiah 58 program, thousands of people no longer have to make that choice.

Reach Out to Impoverished Jews
in the Former Soviet Union
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Care for Orphans

Children in the former Soviet Union are suffering from the devastating, long-term effects of the Holocaust and communism every single day. You can be an angel of hope today by giving a gift to help provide basic necessities like food, clothing, warmth, shelter, and education to desperately needy children.

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The Situation Has Never Been Worse

Hunger is a day-to-day reality for hundreds of thousands of impoverished elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union. Tragically, they often face the heartbreaking choice between buying food, medicine, heating fuel and other essentials.

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Elderly Jews in the Ukraine

Elderly Jews living in the Ukraine are facing extreme hardship. Many have no pensions or any regular form of income. Some cannot even afford their food or medicine. To make matters even worse, widespread anti-Semitism often makes it dangerous just to go outside. You can help give these suffering Jewish people dignity by supporting Isaiah 58.

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