Prayer is a sacred privilege that Jews and Christians share. When we gather together to lift our requests to God, we are building and strengthening the bridges between our two great faiths – one of the cornerstones of The Fellowship’s mission. There are so many issues in our communities, our countries, and our world that need our prayerful attention. Let us join in prayer with confidence that “The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth” (Psalm 145:18).

Pray for Israel

Add your voice to our many friends and supporters of Israel by recording your prayer for the Holy Land, for her people, and for the peace of Jerusalem through our Pray for Israel radio program. Each day we will broadcast on radio stations throughout North America prayers for Israel that are recorded on our Prayer Line, 1-888-241-IFCJ (4325). You can record your prayer today, or visit our Pray for Israel page for more information and to listen to prayers being offered right now.

Prayer At the Wall

The Western Wall in Jerusalem is the holiest site in all Judaism and one of our most important traditions is going there to lift your prayer requests before God. As we take your prayers to the Wall, we will also be praying for the needs of Israel and Jewish people around the world. We love praying for you, our treasured Fellowship friends, and feel privileged to remember you before our sovereign God at this sacred site.

Join the Prayer Team

The Fellowship Prayer Team unites Jews and Christians around the world to raise a chorus of prayer to God for the security, well-being, and protection of Israel and the Jewish people. By appealing to God on behalf of His children, the Prayer Team will make a powerful, positive impact on Israel’s struggle for peace and security, and provide a tremendous source of encouragement to Israel and her people.

This Week's Prayer Points

When you join the Fellowship Prayer Team, every two weeks we send you a new list of prayer requests for Israel, the Jewish people, The Fellowship’s ministries, and the world at large. Focusing on these five to eight prayer points allows us to adequately cover these needs in prayer and concentrate on the most pressing issues in the Holy Land and affecting Christians and Jews around the world.