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The fact that Israel is the Jewish state might suggest that its population is homogeneous—but that's far from the truth! Israel's population is a gorgeous mosaic of cultures, people and religions—beginning with the various groups that make up its large Arab minority, to the rich and varied traditions of Jewish cultures from around the world that have now come home, Israeli culture is vibrant, dynamic, and diverse. In this section, you can learn more about all of the religious, ethnic and other groups that make up the Israeli people, and discover how all of these people are impacting the world far beyond Israel's tiny borders.

Ethnic groups

The ethnic stereotype most North Americans associate with Jews—think Jerry Seinfeld or Woody Allen—does not (and never has) apply to Israelis. In addition to the non-Jewish ethnic groups in Israel, Israeli Jews come from nearly as many ethnicities as Americans themselves… Read about some of the largest ethnic groups in Israel here »

Religion in the Holy Land

Israel, while the Jewish State, is the cradle of the world's three monotheistic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Today, all three religious groups have roots, communities, and holy sites in Israel—as do other, newer faiths or offshoots. Read more about religious life in the modern Holy land here »

Israel's impact on the world

For a country with a relatively tiny population and size, Israel has rather a disproportionate impact on the world: Israeli researchers have produced advances in medicine, industry, agriculture, technology, and science that have saved lives, expanded knowledge, and broadened horizons around the world. Read more about these innovations, along with the unique role Israel plays in disasters and crisis response around the world. Read more »