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The Land of IsraelInformation about the land of Israel and Eretz Yisrael

Over the years what we now know as the land of Israel was known by many names - Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel); Zion, one of Jerusalem's hills which came to signify both the city and the Land of Israel as a whole; Palestine, derived from Philistia, and first used by the Romans; the Promised Land; and the Holy Land, to mention but a few. However, to most Israelis today, the country is simply Ha'aretz—the Land.
This section of Stand for Israel provides the information you need to know about the land of Israel.

Land of Israel: Basic Facts

The Land of Israel: Basic Facts

It's only 290 miles from north to south, and just 85 miles wide at its widest point, but the land of Israel encompasses the varied topographical features and climates of a continent. Learn about the land of Israel's climate, water resources and flora and fauna. Read more »

Land of Israel: Modern Cities

The Land of Israel: Modern Cities

Many of the cities in modern Israel date back to the towns of the Bible, while some—like Tel Aviv, Israel's largest—are only a century old. All of Israel's cities—and towns and villages—are part of Israel's unique mix of ancient and modern, bringing together cultures from around the world and those close to home. Learn more about the land of Israel's largest cities here »

Land of Israel: Jewish Holidays

Jewish Holidays

Every month on the Jewish calendar except one is marked by a holiday, festival, or observance. Learn more about the significance of Jewish holidays like Passover, Hanukkah, and Sukkot, as well as the traditions associated with them »