International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
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Many people think they know the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict. But on college campuses, in the media, and among many average Americans, there is ignorance of history and serious distortion of the facts. You may not be able to change the mind of a rabid Israel-basher or anti-Semite, but by finding out the truth about the conflict you can certainly help shape public opinion. In our issues section, you'll find the information you need to refute some of the myths about Israel heard every day.


Israel is rarely out of the headlines, but it's rarely off the front page when there's any sort of military action happening in the area. News coverage is not only subject to bias, but often takes events out of historical context or simply doesn't have the space to tell the whole story. Find out the real story here »

Security and Identity

Israel faces a myriad of challenges to her identity as a Jewish and democratic state, challenges that run the gamut from regular military threats, to questions of national identity and memory, to issues that most nations see as environmental but, the Jewish State, impact national security. Find out more about these problems and learn how Israel is confronting them »


Israel has been confronting terror since long before 9/11. Even before the founding of the Jewish state, Israel's enemies targeted civilians and used other revolting tactics in order to sow fear among the citizenry. But Israel and Israelis have refused to give way, even as terror groups have become more brazen. Read about the groups and tactics Israel confronts here »

World Opinion

You don't have to be an ardent lover of the Jewish State to see that there's something odd in the way that the world treats Israel. Though its a tiny country with no natural resources, the media has more correspondents based in Israel and devotes more space to stories about it than nearly any other country in the world. The UN devotes more time to criticizing Israel than it does to all the genuine humanitarian disasters across the world, combined. Only Israel seems to have to defend its very right to exist. Read more about the ways that certain issues and trends impact the Jewish state here »