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Rabbi's Commentary Archive

In His Presence

From Holy Day to Day of Horror

The Fight of All Free People

We Need More Esthers

Governments Fade, But God Endures

A Rite of Passage

Seeing Israel Through New Eyes

Alone But Not Forgotten

Against Impossible Odds

Giving Feet to Our Faith

The Battle Against Terror Is Our Battle

Go Out in Joy and Be Led Forth in Peace

When Terror Hits Home

The Story of God's Protection and Provision

Gratefulness Makes the Soul Great

What Will See Us Through

Those Who Pray for Peace Will Win

Do Not Fear

Faith Will See Us Through

Israel Is Not Alone

Speechless in the Face of Violence

Depending on Him

Finding Hope in the Holy Land

Freed by God's Love

Great Is Your Faithfulness

Lifting Humanity and Blessing the World

Courage in the Face of Cowardice

Our Shared and Biblical Bonds

Working Together, Doing Good

Let Us Be Bridge Builders and Peacemakers

United for Freedom, Liberty, and Peace

The Bridge Builder

The Blessed Act of Repairing the World

Together, Our Eyes on the Heavens

In the Midst of Tragedy, God Is with Us

Honor Your Father and Mother

Jerusalem, My Highest Joy

Keeping the Spirit of Unity Alive

People of the Book

God - Our Ultimate Source of Reconciliation

Our Prayers Are Heard ... and Answered

A Light unto the Nations

Believing in Miracles

We Must Take Sides

Hope in Something Higher

The Lord Is in This Place

Political Systems Rise and Fall But God Endures

What Leadership Looks Like

Fighting Anti-Christian Hatred in the Middle East

Europe's Scourge of Anti-Semitism

Giving a Life of Dignity

Celebrating the Source of All Life

Even in Israel?

Terror Returns to the Holy Land -- Again

Coming Home to the Holy Land

Attacks of Radical Islam Know No Boundaries

Responding to Terror with One Voice

Answering His Call, Faithfully and Joyfully

An Inspiring Time of Year

Bringing God's People Home

What a Blessing

Clarity in a Confused World

Stand Firmly with Our God of Life and Light

A New Life in the Holy Land

Together in Hope, Courage, and Faith

Israel: An Article of Faith

Rejoicing in God's Word

Through Every Change, He Is with Us

The World Needs Us Now

To a Blessed and Sweet New Year

The Rabbi Recommends: Rebbe, by Joseph Telushkin

An Israeli Boy's Dream of Peace

Coming Together for Freedom

Urgent Prayer Alert

Crisis in Ukraine

Committed to Rescuing Ukraine's Jews

Day of Mourning, Day of Hope

Praying for Peace, Prepared for War

Heartbreak, Courage - and Unity

Witnessing The Heartbreaking Reality in Southern Israel

Traveling to a Nation Under Attack

Seeking Prayers for Safety and Comfort in a Time of Crisis

Urgent Prayer Alert

Yesterday's Tragedies ... and Tomorrow's Hope

Yesterday's Tragedies ... and Tomorrow's Hope

Hearing the Cries of the Suffering

Operation Protective Edge

Waiting and Praying for Peace

Praying for Comfort and Justice

Bodies Recovered ... Please Join Me in Prayer

Knowing Who Your Friends Are

Israel Prays for the Safe Return of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali

Honor Your Father and Mother ...

Growing in Our Understanding of God

Remembering Our Heroes

Returning to Ukraine in Support and Solidarity

Hatred Rooted in History Continues Today

God Is Present This Holy Season

All Who Are Hungry

Praying, Dreaming, and Acting for Peace

Speaking Up for the Vulnerable

Our Watchmen on the Walls

Special Ukraine Update

Care During Crisis in Ukraine

Update: Fellowship Responds to Ukraine Crisis

Making a Mockery of Injustice

Our God Will Prevail

Another Loss for Peace, Reconciliation, and Justice

Scarlett Johansson, SodaStream, and Settlements

Raising Our Voices Against Anti-Semitism

Israel: An Ancient People, an Ancient Land

Ariel Sharon: 1928-2014

Our Refuge and Strength for the Year Ahead

Year of Giving Life and Hope

The Highest Form of Charity

Wherever You Stand, You Do Not Stand Alone

Gratefulness Makes the Soul Great

Hope Amid the Devastation

Eight Harrowing Days

Saluting Our Champions of Freedom

In the Presence of the Aged

Anti-Semitism on the Rise . . . Again

Who Do You Trust?

A Year of Holy Land Moments

Can a Leopard Change its Spots?

A Spiritual Sojourn

Yom Kippur Our Sacred Reminder

A Lost Tribe's Journey Home

Finally Free, Finally Home

The Wisdom of Age

The King Is in the Fields

Who Is For Peace?

Israel's Biblical Treasures

Changing the Face of Journalism

Solemnity and Hope on Tisha B'Av

Celebrating Freedom -- and a Blessed Friendship

God Has Done Marvelous Things!

Honoring Our Fathers - Both Earthly and Heavenly

David and Goliath

United in Shalom, Peace

Gratitude and Grace on Memorial Day

Israel's Red Line Response

Witnessing the Wonder

In Boston, the Collision of Innocence and Evil

Israel's Independence Day

Never Be Silent

Securely in God's Hands

The President, Passover, and Peace

The Raging Storm in Syria

A Time to Talk and a Time to Act

Israel Apartheid Week?

In a World of Hamans, We Need More Esthers

A Voice for Peace

Calling Terrorists by Their Rightful Name

The Nation of Israel Lives!

Honoring a Great Leader - And Friend of Israel

The Reason for Our Hope

Peace and Prosperity

Protecting Israel - with Our Actions and Our Prayers

On the Ground in Southern Israel

The Amazing Story of Ethiopian Aliyah

Israel, Our Home

Our Noisy Democracy

Making Sense of Suffering

A Prophetic Past, Present, and Future - SFI

Rejoicing in the Gift of God's Word

The Time of Our Happiness - SFI

Responding to Innocence of Muslims - SFI

Shalom, Korea!

The Importance of Family - SFI

Seeking Justice in Jerusalem - SFI

Changes in Egypt, Concern in Israel - SFI

The Waiting Game

Longing for a Level Playing Field

Despair and Redemption

Another Senseless Attack

Rethinking Our Alliances

The Fall of Egypt?

Happy Independence Day!

The Rabbi Recommends -- Israel Inside

Happy Father's Day!

Supporting a Beacon of Democracy

The Sorrow of Syria

Memorial Day

Happy Jerusalem Day!

A New Birth and New Hope

Anti-Israel Bias in the Media, Yet Again

This Simply Should Not Be

New Book Explores Why Israel Matters

New Beginnings at Passover

Protecting God's People

Israel Under Fire

Netanyahu's Strength Under Fire

An Absurd and Insulting Charge

Standing with Israel in a Social Media Age

Spreading Support for Israel Around the World!

On Women's Rights, Israel Stands Tall

The Height of Hypocrisy

Our "Noisy Democracy"

The True Measure of a Society

The Only Remedy for Our Worldly Cynicism

Our God Who Performs Miracles

Ethiopian Jews' Incredible Journey

Our God of Justice

The Gift of Gratefulness

The Assault on Christian Zionism

The Trip of a Lifetime

Dancing and Weeping in the Holy Land

The Failed Promise of the Arab Spring

Those Who Embrace Life and Those Who Celebrate Death

Gilad Shalit Returns Home to Israel

Sweet Freedom

A Time for Reflection and Repentance

The Palestinians' Real Goal at the U.N.

Israel Still Waits for Fair Treatment from the U.N.

The Blessings of the Sabbath

Israel in Crisis and Conflict

Under Attack

A Staggering Loss

A Time of Mourning and Remembrance

Terror in Norway

Reflections on War

The Shocking and Brave Story of an "Infidel"

Charity A Foundational Judeo-Christian Value

The Blessings of Freedom and Friendship

The Wrong Recipe for Peace

America's Holocaust Heroes

Mission of Mercy?

An Unforgettable Aliyah

Lessons in Leadership from Netanyahu

The Real Catastrophe

Fatah-Hamas Agreement Spells Trouble for Israel

Sixty-Three Years of Jewish Sovereignty

An Ancient Story for Modern Times

Mary Jean Gardner Terror's Latest Victim

A Must-See Film About a Rising Threat

Pray for the Fogel Family -- Terror's Latest Victims

Apartheid? Not in Israel

God's Reassurances in a World of Turmoil

Celebrating Ten Years of God's Favor

Eichmann and the Thirst for Justice

Unrest in the Arab World

Israel's Terror Victims: The Untold Story

The Plight of Jews in Tunisia

Martin Luther King, Supporter of Israel

Christians in the Middle East Under Fire

God's Message of Hope

Israel's Fires are Contained -- But Our Work is Just Beginning

Special Update

Devastating Fire in Israel

Our Man In Damascus Entertains and Educates

Happy Thanksgiving From The Fellowship!

Wisdom from the Psalms -- Israel's Song Book

Kristallnacht Anniversary Calls Us to Vigilance

The Plight Of Jews In The Former Soviet Union

An Unforgettable Journey Home Begins

The Biblical Call to Respect the Elderly

The Media War Against Israel

The Front Lines Of The War On Terror

A True Champion of Freedom

Sukkot "The Time of Our Happiness"

Yom Kippur -- Time of Repentance

Hope, Courage, and Faith on a Somber Anniversary

Israel Pursues Peace -- Against All Odds

Answering the Question: Why the Jews?

Disengagement Five Years Later

Fighting Erupts at Israel's Northern Border

The Threat of War -- and the Promise of Peace

The Meaning of Tisha b'Av

What Prophecy Is -- and Isn't

Presbyterians Debate Anti-Israel Measures

Celebrating Freedom--and a Historic Friendship

As Goes Israel, So Goes the West

The Bible--Source of Wisdom and Comfort

Israel's Friends Stand Firm Through Media Attacks

Ambush at Sea

Remembering Those Who Died for Our Freedom

Church Leaders Endorse Anti-Israel Initiative

Celebrating Shavuot in the Holy Land

If I Forget You, O Jerusalem...

Making "The Case for Israel"

Prayer: An American Tradition

Happy 62nd Birthday, Israel!

The Importance Of Remembering The Holocaust

A Psalm to Set Our Hearts on God

What Can We Learn From Passover?

Jerusalem - A "Settlement"?

The Incredible Story of the "Son of Hamas"

Take a Unique Journey Home With Us

The Story of Purim--Then and Now

One Woman's Life under Islamic Law

An Enduring Biblical Truth

Anti-Semitism Lives On--Even in the West

Learning A Lesson In Bridge-Building

Israel Extends a Helping Hand

What Jews Believe About the Bible

Operation Cast Lead, One Year Later