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<em>Jerusalem</em> by Dudu Fisher

Jerusalem by Dudu Fisher

David (Dudu) Fisher – best known for his stirring performance as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables in Israel, in London, and on Broadway – is bringing his vocal talents to Branson, Missouri, in a 90-minute musical program, Jerusalem. Using music, stories, and visual effects, Fisher shares the historical and spiritual significance of the Holy City for Christians and Jews. Fisher, who was born and raised in Israel and is the son of a Holocaust survivor, loves singing about his native land and looks forward to sharing that passion with a new audience in Branson’s Caravelle Theater. Fisher has already garnered a strong fan-base with his 20 albums and regular performances with the Israel Philharmonic. Jerusalem runs from November 4 through December 6, 2014. For more information, visit:

Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, The Most Influential Rabbi in Modern HistoryRebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, The Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History

The author of Rebbe, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, is a dear friend whom I admire and deeply respect. In this enlightening book, Telushkin offers a captivating portrait of the late Menachem Mendel Schneerson, a towering Rabbi who turned the Hassidic Chabad-Lubavitch movement into one of the most important, cutting-edge organizations in the religious world. Through stories and teachings of the Rebbe, Telushkin gives us insight into a man who might well have been the most influential rabbi in modern history.

Epic, intimate, and masterfully told, and with dozens and dozens of anecdotes that will both move you and challenge your thinking, Rebbe is the definitive work on a monumental and multifaceted leader, written by one of today’s most prominent and respected Jewish scholars. Rebbe has been listed as No. 1 in Amazon’s “Christian Leadership” category. Surprised? I urge you to read it and find out why. Buy now

Rush Revere and the Brave PilgrimsRush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims

America was built on a foundation of Judeo-Christian values, values that found their expression in a democratic system of government that protects the individual’s right to key liberties like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion. It was religious liberty that the Pilgrims sought when they made the arduous journey to what was then known as the “new world.”

How many children are taught about and truly appreciate the magnitude of the Pilgrims’ accomplishments? Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh asked himself that question and wrote a book in response. Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims is a whimsical and accessible, but informative and historically accurate story of what it might be like to travel back in time to meet the Pilgrims. In the guise of 21st century history teacher Rush Revere, Limbaugh takes readers back to 1620 to meet such pivotal figures in American history as William Bradford, Myles Standish, Samoset, and others. Designed to appeal to younger readers, this portrait of “ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things” is a celebration of America’s rich history and the shared Judeo-Christian values that make this nation great. The book will enlighten and inspire kids and perhaps adult readers as well. Purchase today

Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel’s Secret Wars

Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel’s Secret Wars, by Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, offers an insider’s view of the amazing history of Israel’s espionage and security network, built on information from declassified documents and interviews with top operatives. It sheds light on the inner workings of Israeli intelligence, the relationship between Israeli and U.S. intelligence, and the tough questions Israeli operatives must wrestle with regularly. Buy now

On Wings of Eagles: The Secret Operation of the Ethiopian Exodus

In On Wings of Eagles, author Micha Feldman, who serves as the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Coordinator for Ethiopian aliyah, sheds new light on this amazing story. Consisting of diary entries written by the author dating from the earliest days of Ethiopian aliyah up to 1992, interspersed with first-person stories from Ethiopian Jews, On Wings of Eagles is a fascinating account full of personal insight that puts a human face on this pivotal event in Jewish history. Buy now

Israel Inside

Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference, tells the story of Israeli innovation, and how that innovation is exported to the world. The filmmakers attribute Israel's success as a society to the character of the Israeli people their tenacity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. It also tells of their commitment to tikkun olam — a Hebrew phrase meaning "repairing the world" — through their innovations. Israel Inside makes it clear that, though the story isn't always told, the positive impact of Israeli innovation is indeed felt around the world. Buy now

Israel Matters by Mitchell Bard

Israel Matters, by the respected scholar, historian, and foreign policy analyst Mitchell Bard, tells us why the world should care about Israel. It does so not just by countering criticisms and exploding common myths about the Jewish state, but by painting a picture of the country that encompasses its politics, history, culture, and people. After reading Israel Matters, even a dedicated friend of Israel will come away with a fuller, more comprehensive picture of Israel, a greater appreciation of its unique achievements, and a better understanding of its position in the Middle East and the world. Buy now

Beyond Politics: Inspirational People of Israel by Ronda Robinson

Beyond Politics calls us to expand our understanding of “what is going on in Israel today” by focusing not on our current events, but on the lives of people – individuals living today in Israel – immigrants from different parts of the world and those born there. It is a must read for anyone who cares deeply about the future of Israel and the Jewish people and seeks to foster dialogue, cooperation, and shalom in the Middle East. Reading Beyond Politics was a joy that enhanced and enriched my own understanding of Israel – and I live there! If you want to understand the true face of Israel – in all its diversity and depth – Beyond Politics is a must read. Buy now

The Road to Fatima Gate: The Beirut Spring, the Rise of Hezbollah, and the Iranian War Against Israel

In The Road to Fatima Gate, independent journalist Michael Totten examines the volatile situation in Lebanon, Israel’s neighbor to the north. Drawing on his years of experience living in and traveling throughout the region, as well as interviews with Lebanese and Israeli officials, Hezbollah terrorists, and leaders of the many factions jockeying for power in this troubled country, Totten provides a riveting firsthand account of a country that has become one of the main staging grounds for Iran’s proxy war against Israel. The Road to Fatima Gate is must reading for anyone who wants to better understand the Middle East and Israel’s position in it. Buy now

The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath

Throughout Senator Joe Lieberman’s inspiring new book, The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath, he shares the many ways observing the Sabbath, or Shabbat in Hebrew, has taught and formed him. He puts this holy day in biblical and historical context, explains the rituals and prayers of Shabbat, and offers simple, practical ways to weave the blessing of rest into your life. “This book is my love song to Shabbat,” he writes. For Jews and Christians alike, Senator Lieberman’s wonderful book makes a compelling case for the blessings of Sabbath rest. Buy now

101+ Ways to Help Israel: A Guide to Doing Small Things that can Make Big DifferencesInfidel

Infidel is the extraordinary biography of Ayaan Hirsi Ali — her personal story of growing up in a devout Muslim family in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. While we often see the tragic impact of radical Islamic beliefs in world events, we less often see the impact it has on individual lives. It is just such a perspective that makes Infidel so powerful.Buy now

The Liberators: America's Witnesses to the Holocaust

In Michael Hirsh’s book, The Liberators, Hirsh, a Vietnam vet and seasoned author, interviewed more than 150 U.S. soldiers who liberated the Nazi death camps at the close of World War II. Remembering the sights, smells, and sounds was not easy for these veterans, and for some it was the first time in decades, if not the first time ever, they had shared these heart-wrenching memories. But by doing so they have given the rest of us eyewitness accounts that will help us ensure that the horrors of the Holocaust are never repeated. Buy now


The sobering new documentary Iranium explores the role of Iran in supporting worldwide terrorism, the nation's relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons, and the necessity of the West to halt that pursuit. With information and commentary provided by a veritable who's-who of experts on foreign affairs, Middle East politics, and international security, Iranium will help you fully understand the Iranian threat and Iran's role in spreading unrest and instability in the Middle East, and indeed throughout the world. Buy now

Hunting Eichmann: How a Band of Survivors and a Young Spy Agency Chased Down the World's Most Notorious Nazi

Hunting Eichmann tells the harrowing story of the long search and eventual capture of the notorious Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. Author Neal Bascomb's account alternates from the perspective of a criminal on the run, to that of his pursuers, hunting Eichmann as he escaped two American POW camps, slipped secretly out of Europe, and assumed a false identity in South America. This well-researched book is a gripping page-turner and a fascinating documentation of a case that changed the collective thinking about the Holocaust and war criminals in general. Buy now

A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel's Victims of Terrorism

A New Shoah chronicles what the author, Italian journalist Giulio Meotti, sees as another attempt to eradicate the Jewish people — the Arab campaign of terror that has been waged relentlessly against the modern State of Israel. Through poignant personal stories of Israeli victims of terrorism, we are reminded of the incalculable human cost of Islamist hatred for Jews, and led to a greater understanding of the grave threats Israel has faced since the day she declared her independence. Buy now

Holy Land: Christians in Peril/The Trojan Horse

The French filmmaker Pierre Rehov makes powerful documentaries that expose lies about Israel commonly told in the media, reveal the true motivation of Israel's terrorist enemies, and shed new light on hidden chapters of Israel's history. In Holy Land: Christians in Peril, Rehov examines the plight of Christians in the Middle East a shrinking population that has dropped sharply due in large part to religious persecution from radical Muslims. This important film is available on a single DVD combined with another Rehov film, The Trojan Horse: Arafat's Strategy to Destroy Israel. Buy now

Why the Jews?Why the Jews? The Reason for Anti-Semitism

Dennis Prager, a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and Joseph Telushkin, a rabbi and scholar, wrote the original version of their landmark book Why the Jews? The Reason for Antisemitism in 1983. The book explores the unique reasons behind the hatred of Jews, and explains why this phenomenon is often misunderstood and not taken seriously enough outside the Jewish community. Seeing an increasing danger to Jews throughout the world in the years since that first printing, Prager and Telushkin revised and updated their book a few years ago. This updated version is an insightful and helpful resource for those who want to understand the unique role of the Jews in human history and the complex reasons why anti-Semitism has continued for centuries — and increased in recent years. Buy now

The Forgotten RefugeesThe Forgotten Refugees

The Forgotten Refugees explores the history, culture, and forced exodus of Middle Eastern and North African Jewish communities in the second half of the 20th century. These once-vibrant communities, which numbered nearly one million people in 1945, now include only several thousand. Find out more about this forgotten chapter in Jewish history, and hear the personal stories of Jewish refugees from Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Morocco, in this fascinating and compelling DVD, available for free with minimal shipping costs from the Boston-based organization The David Project. View excerpts from the film and order The Forgotten Refugees today

The Case for IsraelMaking "The Case for Israel"

The Case for Israel, a powerful documentary film, takes Israel's case to the people. Through interviews conducted by lawyer and pro-Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz with prominent Israeli figures and supporters of Israel like Ehud Barak, Dore Gold, Dennis Ross, Benjamin Netanyahu, Natan Sharansky, and others, this award-winning production makes an irrefutable argument for Israel's right to exist, protect its citizens, and defend its borders. Buy now

Son of Hamas

A new book written by Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the founding member of the Hamas terrorist group, has taken the media world by storm. Titled Son Of Hamas, it offers a view of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict few others could provide. It is also a compelling chronicle of one man’s transformation. Buy now

101+ Ways to Help Israel: A Guide to Doing Small Things that can Make Big DifferencesVeiled Honor

In her new book titled Veiled Honor, author Mary Laurel Ross chronicles her years living in Saudi Arabia. She was particularly shocked to see that Saudi women were required to be veiled, were subjugated to men in all aspects of society, and were denied basic civil liberties and legal protections. A prolific letter-writer, Ross began to document her experiences in letters to friends and family in the U.S. These letters became the basis for Veiled Honor. Buy now

101+ Ways to Help Israel: A Guide to Doing Small Things that can Make Big Differences101+ Ways to Help Israel: A Guide to Doing Small Things that can Make Big Differences

Many friends of Israel are looking for practical ways they can show their support for the Jewish state in their day-to-day lives. 101+ Ways to Help Israel offers "creative ideas you can incorporate into your life which will support the state of Israel," ranging from simple suggestions such as putting a pro-Israel bumper sticker on your car or ordering an Israeli channel from your local cable TV provider, to more involved suggestions such as traveling or moving to Israel. Whether you're looking for something you can do on your own or an activity that will involve your entire community, you'll refer to this helpful and informative guide over and over again. Buy now »

Lone Soldiers: Israel's Defenders from Around the WorldLone Soldiers: Israel's Defenders from Around the World

Lone Soldiers: Israel's Defenders from Around the World is a powerful new book filled with narratives and vivid color photos which offer glimpses of life in the Israeli military. This inspirational book tells the stories of fourteen young men and women soldiers whose bravery and willingness to sacrifice are an example for all of us who love Zion. Buy now »

Man Plans, God Laughs... And More Wisdom from Our GrandparentsMan Plans, God Laughs… And More Wisdom
from Our Grandparents

Man Plans, God Laughs is a beautiful coffee table book that collects around 100 Yiddish proverbs, snappy sayings that sum up fundamental wisdom about life, often in a sly and humorous way. Each is presented in English translation, Yiddish transliteration, and the original Yiddish, and accompanied by a stunning photo illustration. Man Plans, God Laughs will touch you, amuse you, and make you think, and is a book that you will pull off the shelf and revisit frequently. Buy now »

The Last EmberThe Last Ember: A First-Rate Thriller With A Deeper Message

In the The Last Ember, lawyer and classics scholar Jonathan Marcus is sent to Rome by his law firm to defend a client accused of stealing an ancient stone map. At first, Marcus—who worked similar cases in the past—thinks it's just another client, but, soon, a secret message carved into the map sends him on a search for one of the most prized objects of antiquity: the great golden Menorah or lampstead (Exodus 25:31) that stood in the Holy Temple, and which was carried off by the Romans after they destroyed the Second Temple. For a novel that both entertains and educates, look no further than The Last Ember.

The Rise of Nuclear IranThe Rise of Nuclear Iran: How Tehran Defies the West

In The Rise of Nuclear Iran: How Tehran Defies the West, author Dore Gold, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, makes the case that world leaders are failing their citizens by not halting Iran's acquisition of nuclear capabilities. In painstaking detail, Gold documents the deception routinely practiced by Iranian diplomats and other government officials, and shows how this deception has allowed Iran to make progress in development of this powerful—and potentially deadly—technology.

Clash of DestinyClash of Destiny

In the compelling set of lectures on the two-CD set, Rabbi Daniel Lapin traces the current struggle between free societies and radical Islam back to the clash between the two sons of the patriarch Abraham: Isaac, one of Jewish people’s forefathers, and Ishmael, who became the father of the Arab nation. With insight and more than a bit of humor, Rabbi Lapin supports his thesis with numerous Biblical examples, showing that the Bible is more than just the historical record of man’s encounter with the Divine or a recording of God’s static word; rather, the Bible sheds light on events in today’s world, clarifying not just the past, but the present, and the future.

Under Fire and Scorched SummerRemembering Israel's Scorched Summer

Sadly absent from the wall-to-wall media coverage of the 2006 Second Lebanon War between Israel and the Hezbollah terrorist group was an honest depiction of the plight of hundreds of thousands of Israelis, many of whom lost their loved ones, homes, and livelihoods due to Hezbollah's campaign of terror. Now, their stories are told in two powerful films, Under Fire and Scorched Summer, that view the war through the eyes of the ordinary Israelis on the receiving end of Hezbollah's murderous attacks. Learn more »

Power, Faith and FantasyPower, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present, by Michael Oren

The true story of American support for Israel - and the entire story of American involvement in the Middle East from its founding to the present day is told in Power, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present, by Michael Oren. A gifted historian and scholar, Oren brings a storyteller's flair to historical events that shed light on the world we live in today, showing how deeply tied American colonialists felt to Biblical Israel, and how their faith informed the development of the United States. A thorough and engaging book, Power, Faith and Fantasy will both educate and inspire you.

A Jewish Code of EthicsA Code of Jewish Ethics, Volume 2: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

The charge to "love your neighbor as yourself" is at the heart of both the Jewish and Christian faiths. But just because it is familiar does not mean it is easy to follow. A Code of Jewish Ethics, Volume 2: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself, by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, is a thoughtful and thorough study from a Jewish perspective of this pivotal biblical commandment. Included in this book are dozens of practical examples, drawn from the Bible and the Jewish oral tradition embodied by the rabbinic commentaries on biblical law known as the Talmud and Midrash, of how this commandment can be applied to real-life situations. Whether you are Christian or Jewish, you'll find Love Your Neighbor As Yourself both intellectually stimulating and spiritually enriching.

Triumph Over TyrannyTriumph Over Tyranny by Philip Spiegel

Triumph Over Tyranny is the most complete account to date of the remarkable stories of those courageous people who changed the policies of a totalitarian regime. It is a panorama of the history of the international Soviet Jewry movement and the fight for human rights in the former Soviet Union. Don't miss this book that Rabbi Eckstein called "a sobering account of the ravages of anti-Semitism, as well as an uplifting story of God's favor toward His people and the good that can be accomplished when ordinary people stand up to confront evil and help the oppressed."

Let Us Break Bread TogetherLet Us Break Bread Together: A Passover Haggadah For Christians (Many Mansions)

During Passover and Easter, we're reminded of the common spiritual roots shared by both Christians and Jews. In this season that is holy to members of both faiths, Rabbi Eckstein is pleased to recommend Let Us Break Bread Together. Co-authored by a rabbi and a pastor, this book offers the unique opportunity to experience an authentic Jewish Passover Seder from a distinctively Christian perspective.

Understanding IsraelThe Holocaust by Bullets

The Holocaust by Bullets is a poignant and heart-wrenching new book that tells the true story of Father Patrick Desbois, a Catholic Priest, and his journey to uncover the truth behind extermination of a million and a half Ukrainian Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators during World War II. Combining archival evidence with the voices of Ukrainian eyewitnesses, Father Desbois delivers the first complete and harrowing account of one of history's long forgotten chapters.


In Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel's memoir Night, a scholarly, pious teenager is wracked with guilt at having survived the horror of the Holocaust and the genocidal campaign that consumed his family. His memories of the nightmare world of the death camps present him with an intolerable question: how can the God he once so fervently believed in have allowed these monstrous events to occur? There are no easy answers in this harrowing book, which probes life's essential riddles with the lucid anguish only great literature achieves. It marks the crucial first step in Wiesel's lifelong project to bear witness for those who died.

Sistine SecretsThe Sistine Secrets
Michelangelo's Forbidden Messages in the Heart of the Vatican

Five hundred years ago Michelangelo began work on a painting that became one of the most famous pieces of art in the world the Sistine Chapel ceiling. In The Sistine Secrets, authors Rabbi Benjamin Blech and Roy Doliner tell the fascinating story of how Michelangelo embedded messages of understanding between Christians and Jews within this masterpiece, challenging the prevailing anti-Semitism of his time and reminding Church authorities that Christianity's roots are grounded in the Torah given to the Jewish people.

Night of Destruction/Dawn of the Holocaust An Oral History

On the nights of November 9 and 10, 1938, rampaging mobs throughout Germany and the newly acquired territories of Austria and Sudetenland freely attacked Jews in the street, in their homes and at their places of work and worship. The events of that night, known as Kristallnacht, or "the Night of Broken Glass" were the beginning of the Holocaust.

Bard records the events of this seminal historical event on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht. This book provides an account of the incidents immediately preceding the attacks on November 9-10, an oral history that provides a minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour account of what happened during the pogroms, and an analysis of the immediate aftermath and why the Holocaust can be dated from this evening.

The Fight for JerusalemThe Jewish Connection to Israel, the Promised Land
A Brief Introduction for Christians

The Jewish Connection to Israel, the Promised Land explores Israel's achievements, disappointments, joys, and tragedies while addressing issues of particular interest to Christians. You'll learn the importance of Israel's existence to both Jewish and Christian identity, and how it creates opportunities for bridge-building between members of the two faiths.

Compelling, accessible, and honest, The Jewish Connection to Israel, the Promised Land is essential reading for Christians who want to better understand the Jewish roots of Christianity and the importance of Israel in Jewish faith, history and tradition.

The Fight for JerusalemThe Fight for Jerusalem
Jerusalem: center of faith or apocalyptic trigger?

Radical Islam has long desired to seize Jerusalem and cut it off to Christian and Jewish believers. In his revealing new book, The Fight for Jerusalem, bestselling author and former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold explains why the battle for Jerusalem is intensifying today. Gold shows why only Israel can preserve its holy places for Christians, Jews, and even Muslims, and why uncovering Jerusalem's past-and the truth of biblical history-can be the key to saving its future.

Terror: How Israel Has Coped and What America Can LearnTerror
How Israel Has Coped and What America Can Learn

No country has experienced more acts of terrorism over a prolonged period than Israel. The frequency of attacks has propelled Israel toward innovative methods to address the threat. Indeed, treating so many victims of physical and psychological trauma has given rise to the new field of terror medicine.

In a gripping narrative, terrorist expert Leonard A. Cole describes how different segments of Israeli society have coped with terrorism-survivors of attacks, families of victims, emergency responders, doctors and nurses, and, in the end, the general population.

He also interviews Palestinians, including imprisoned handlers of suicide bombers, who endorse or deplore suicide bombings. He concludes that the Israeli experience with preparedness and coping offers valuable lessons for the United States.

Terror in Black September Terror in Black September

When David Raab boarded his flight from Israel to New York on the morning of September 6, 1970, he was 17 years old, and he had no idea that his life was about to change forever. David's plane was hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine as part of a quadruple hijacking attempt on that historic day. TERROR IN BLACK SEPTEMBER is Raab's gripping account of the time he spent as a hostage in Jordan, and the first eyewitness documentation of one of the most significant acts of terror prior to September 11th.

With a combination of personal anecdotes from Raab's recollections of the ordeal, and little-known facts obtained from recently opened archives in Washington, London and Jerusalem, Raab's story fuses the intimacy of a memoir with an impeccable historical account. Raab's day to day account of his survival and release is a crucial contribution to the current discourse on terrorism, international diplomacy, and how they affect the innocent civilians who become embroiled in these dangerous situations.

Understanding IsraelUnderstanding Israel

"Understanding Israel" is an informative history of the ancient and modern state of Israel written by Sol Scharfstein. Richly illustrated with more than 200 photographs, this book will help you better understand all aspects of Israeli history and culture, and will bring to life the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of the Jewish homeland.

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