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The Anti-Israel Hall of Shame
Outlandish quotes from infamous opponents of Israel

“In their hearts, [Israelis] know they are wrong”
— Michael Moore

American author, political commentator, and filmmaker Michael Moore directed four of the top-ten highest grossing documentaries of all time. Never one to shy away from controversy, Moore dedicated his 2003 book Dude, Where’s My Country? to Rachel Corrie, an anti-Israel activist who was accidentally killed by an Israeli bulldozer when she was trying to stop its destruction of tunnels used by Palestinian terrorists to smuggle weapons. In the book, he wrote:

“Of course many Israeli children have died too, at the hands of the Palestinians. You would think that would make every Israeli want to wipe out the Arab world, but the average Israeli does not have that response. Why? Because in their hearts, they know they are wrong, and they know they would be doing just what the Palestinians are doing if the sandal were on the other foot.”

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