International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

About Stand for Israel

Dear Friend of Israel,

I want to thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the State of Israel. As you know, the daily reality is not easy for the Jewish people and their leaders. But knowing that you—and millions of other caring Christians—stand with them, and that the bonds between America and Israel are stronger than ever, inspires the entire nation and gives Israelis the tenacity and hope to persevere.

But simply caring is not enough. Stand For Israel's mission is to translate love and commitment for Israel and the Jewish people into action. There are many things that each of us can do on a regular basis to express our support for Israel and make a tangible difference in her situation. Those of you in positions of local leadership have the ability to multiply your efforts exponentially and turn them into community-wide campaigns.

But even if you act alone, you can make a difference. You just need to know how. The resources on our Stand for Israel website will help you transform your goodwill, commitment, and dedication into effective action. On this site you will find suggestions, strategies, and plans of action that will enable you to play a key role in building support for the Jewish state. What better way for you to Stand for Israel?

I hope you find this website useful. Along with the dedicated staff of The Fellowship and thousands of other friends of Israel like you, I look forward to seeing the fruits of our collective labors.

"You will arise and have compassion on Zion; for it is time to show favor to her; the appointed time has come" (Psalm 102:13).

With best wishes for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Founder and President, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews