International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

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Spread the Word in Your Community

Israel needs friends at all levels of society. While it certainly helps to have a devoted friend of Israel in the White House and on Capitol Hill, it also helps to have people in your hometown understand Israel's situation and identify with the Jewish people.

Informal Advocacy

Spreading the word in your community can take many forms. On an informal level, make a conscious effort to talk about Israel with people you see daily. Tell your neighbors, friends and coworkers how you feel, and try to explain why you believe Israel and America are such good friends and why America must support the Jewish state.

Always tailor your messages to the audience you are addressing. In other words, if you are talking to a friend from church, you can make reference to the Biblical imperative of supporting Israel; if you are talking to a friend who does not share your religious views, you might stress the fact that Israel is one of America's most staunch allies, or that Israel is a strong democracy and deserves our backing.

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